MD-80 parte 7 – Schemi tecnici 2 – Air Conditioning

High press bleed reg. 21 Psi +- 2

Right system, passengers
Left system, cockpit
Systems are protected by shut down switches
Overheat 54C disconnected by thermal switch
Recovering at < 54C Temperature range 18-27C Radio racks are cooled by cockpit air On ground both fans operating, in the air only primary Air cond. ovrd restore pack operation with engine mismatched. Air cond. auto packs shut down when diff. press. < 1.3 Psi. Ram air on opens ram air valve, air leads to the right cond. system at a point before mixing chamber Engine failure after T/O both ac packs fails, press > 70 psi
Take off with air conditioning in off position
If a take off is required with air condition in the off position, the following procedure applies:

Set field elevation for departure airport.
When reading the ,,LINE-UP” checklist both air conditioning switches are positioned into the “OFF” position (memory Item).

Check EPR for packs off setting.
After T/O not below clean up altitude and not above 1500 ft AGL switch air condition Supply switches to “AUTO” (one at a time).

lf “CLIMB POWER” is set with air condition supply switches in ,,0FF” position “NO MODE” light will come on. Set landing field elevation.