MD-80 parte 7 – Schemi tecnici 9 – Fuel System

Tank Cap:
Left main 4200 KG 5250 LTR 9260 LBS
Right main 4200 KG 5250 LTR 9260 LBS
Centre 9300 KG 11625 LTR 20503 LBS
Fwd aux 1700 KG 2125 LTR 4685 LBS
Aft aux 1700 KG 2125 LTR 4685 LBS
Total 21100 KG 26375 LTR 48393 LBS
Precise: 21182 KG

Integral tanks.
Fuel heat (Timer 1 Min)
Centre Tank: two serial connected pumps, for higher pressure
Pro tank 2 AC Pumps.
1 DC Start Pump DC Transfer Bus (10 Psi).

Fuel pumps are electrical cross connected
Left ac
Right ac
Ground Service Bus (upper right)
Aux. Pumps are supplied by L/R Generator Bus
Die Start pump is the last one you will lose. Is supplied by Battr. Bus+DC.
Direct+DC Tranfer

Min Fuel GA each main tank 225 KG
Min Fuel T/O each main tank 1100 KG

Max unbalance main 680 KG 1500 LBS
Max unbalance aux 181 KG 400 LBS
Fuel quan. less 500 kg Go around with a pitch of max 10 degree

If you switch of one AC/Pack in cruise, you can reduce fuel flow by 50 kg / hr
Auto throttle off, 30 kg / hr

If you are operating with Aux Tanks, use Aft tank first. Switch on Fwd Tank pumps after 2-3 hr.
Due to a better balance you will save aprx. 300 kg on 2000 miles range.