SuperJet international Customer Services Operators Conf.

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SuperJet international Customer Services Operators Conf.

Messaggio da Manuel Fantoni » 12 febbraio 2010, 8:57

Venice, 9-12 February 2010

SuperJet international has inaugurated its first Customer Services Operators Conference, which will take place at Tessera premises from 9 to 12 of February 2010.
SJI strongly wanted this conference in order to improve the communication with customers, suppliers and partners in the crucial phase of the SSJ100 entry into service.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Alessandro Franzoni presented SuperJet International and made a general overview on the company, its major achievements and its activity (when SJI was formed, its team and its new international offices like the Russian Branch, the partnership with SCAC, their specific tasks and responsibilities).
Mr. Franzoni also provided the audience with an update of the SSJ100 Programme (the flight test campaign and the fourth SSJ100 prototype) and the aircraft production status (the Komsomolsk final assembly shop is currently completing the assembly of the first two ramp-up production SSJ100s for the first Customers).

During the session. Mr. Giovanni Simonetti, SVP Customer Services with SuperJet International, chaired an interesting panel on “After Sales Support Strategy”, how to build up an effective Customer Services organization and how to exceed customers’ expectations.

On Wednesday 10th the conference was attended by over 100 aviation professionals, in particular by Mr. Gothsche CEO of Altenrhein Aviation Ltd, Mr. Belykh Technical Director of JSC Aeroflot, Mr. Mollo VP Commercial Customer Services ATR, Mr. Vivier Executive VP Project PowerJet, and Mr. Boutin VP Customer Support PowerJet.

All the participants also visited the new SJI Traning Center and Customer Services Tessera facilities.

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Re: SuperJet international Customer Services Operators Conf.

Messaggio da L_P » 12 febbraio 2010, 18:51

Bene, il Superjet mi piace molto!


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Re: SuperJet international Customer Services Operators Conf.

Messaggio da Atr72 » 12 febbraio 2010, 21:00

...eppoi è Russo! :mrgreen:
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