SpaceX GPS III SV03 (Columbus)

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SpaceX GPS III SV03 (Columbus)

Messaggio da sidew » 30 giugno 2020, 14:23

Stasera, 30 giugno, alle 19:56 - 20:10 UTC ( 21:56-22:10 CET ) ci sara il lancio con un nuovo satellite per la costellazione dei GPS

Link alla diretta web del lancio su youtube:

Qualche info supplementare, presa dal thread di reddit: ... al_launch/
Mission Overview

This mission launches the third GPS III satellite into orbit and is the second GPS launch for SpaceX. Although the GPS III SV01 launch aboard Falcon 9 expended the booster, this mission's booster will be recovered via ASDS landing. The destination orbit, however, is unchanged. SpaceX is also planning to launch at least 3 further GPS III missions. This mission is also the first non NASA or SpaceX internal mission this year.

Liftoff currently scheduled for June 30 19:56 - 20:10 UTC (3:56PM - 4:10PM EDT local)
Weather 60% GO! (40% on backup day)
Static fire Completed June 25
Payload GPS III SV03
Payload mass 3680.9
Deployment orbit 1000 km x 20200 km x 55° (approximate)
Operational orbit 20200 km x 20200 km x 55° (semi-synchronous MEO)
Launch vehicle Falcon 9 v1.2 Block 5
Core B1060
Flights of this core None, new booster
Past flights of this fairing zero
Fairing catch attempt No
Launch site SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
Landing JRTI: ~ 32.93528 N, 76.33306 W (633 km downrange)

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