MD-80 parte 7 – Schemi tecnici 5 – Electrical

DC MIN 25 Volt
AC 115 +- 8 400 HZ +- 20
Generator 40 KVA cont. ac load:
generator overload for 1,5 – 5 min, ok

Battr. switch on, you have pwr from battr.
direct bus, battr. bus, dc transfer bus.

Highest bus is called generator bus.
Right generator supply ground services bus.
DC emergency bus is supplied from battr. direct Bus
DC start pump dc transfer bus.
Forward stair way door pos. batt, battr. direct bus.
Stdby. horizon dc transfer bus (After pwr fails, for 7 Min). CB 14/16.
Forward stair dc pwr
Battery charger is powered ground service bus.
Emergency lights, ac pwr

EMRG POWER ON, 5 busses powered: Battery Bus,
Battery Direct Bus, Dc Transfer bus, AC Emergency Bus,
DC Emergency Bus.

AC DC emergency busses are normally
powered by Left AC/DC Bus.

Indication 1.0, generator 100% pwr. max
cont. load (only dc) 1,0 / 100%
Max split between dc volt needle 30%.

External control station provides battery power from
the battery direct bus to the stair control circuit.

Instruments 28 V ac single phase

Radio fan off light comes on, if primary
fan fails on ground

Inverter powered by battr. bus, supplies system,
in case of total lost of ac pwr
Also the Refuelling System and ignation system,
if normal ac pwr is not available

The Battery Direct Bus is fed directly from the Battery and can only be disconnected with the Battery Direct Bus feed CB`S. The DC Emergency Bus can be fed from the Battery Direct Bus.
The Battery Charger is connected to the Battery only when the Ground Service Bus is powered and Emergency Power is OFF. The DC Transfer bus is connected to the Battery by means of the Battery Switch only when the Ground Service Bus is not available and Left or Right DC Bus is not powered (except by Emergency Power).

As soon as the right Generator Bus is powered (by engine generator, APU or External Power) the Ground Service Tie Relay connects the Ground Service Bus to the Right Generator Bus. If the Right Generator Bus is not powered, the Ground Service Bus may be powered by APU or External Power using the corresponding Switches on the Ground Service Electrical Power Panel.

Battery DirectForward Pass. Stairs
Ground Refuelling
Charge & Trans. Relay
Emergency Inverter
BatteryAPU EGT
APU Control
BUS ÑOFFì Lights
Emergency AC
Emergency DC
DC Transfer
DC TransferStandby Horizon

Fire Protection System:
Master Caution / Warning
Engine Fire

Engine Oil Pressure
Generator Control (GCR)
APU Door Control
DC Start Pump
Engine Ignition
Mach Trim Override
Yaw Damp Off
ART Status Lights
Emergency Lights Charging
R & L ART Solenoids
DFGS AP & AT Off Lights
Cockpit White Floods
DC Bus Caution
Oil Pressure & Temperature

Emergency ACCaptains:

Horizon Display
Vertical Gyro
HSI & Heading
Mach / Airspeed
Vertical Speed
# 1 Compass Pointer

First Officer:
# 1 Air Data Computer
Manual Temperature Control
Pneumatic Pressure Indicator
Emergency AC Bus Sensi

Emergency DCCaptain:

Pitot Heat
# 1 VHF Nav & Com Receiver
Emergency Power in use Lights
Cabin Standby Lights
Emergency Lights Arm & Charge
Cpt`s & F/O`s White Flood Lights
DC Bus X-Tie Control
Engine EGT
Air Data Switching Unit
Air Conditioning Pressure Regulators
Air Conditioning Flow Cont. Valves
PA Amplifier