MD-80 parte 7 – Schemi tecnici 8 – Flight Controls


Save Stall Margin Speed = Alfa Speed

1. Step 00 – 13 280 KT M 0.57
2. Step 15 – 20 240 KT M 0.57
3. Step 21 – 25 220 KT M 0.57
4. Step 26 – 30 205 KT (MD 83)
5. Step 31 – 40 200 KT (MD 83)

Speed Brakes:
To use only with slats, never with flaps.
Speed brakes extend, no gear down action.
Never arm ground spoiler prior gear ext.
Pro notch 6 degree (35 acc)

Flight Controls:
aileron, rudder, elevator
Slats, ground spoiler, inboard/outboard, flaps, horizontal stabilizer

Horizontal Stabilizer elo
Elevator Boost left system.
Primary trim 1/3 pro sec (white)
Alternate trim 1/10 pro sec (yellow)

Stabilizer Motion:
Sound (Horn) start between 0,5 – 1 degrees (again every 0,5 degree) primary or alternate trim
Voice (Stabilizer Motion) sounds if auto pilot trims or stabilizer runaway, or within 30 Sec the alternate trim motor moves >2 degree

Elevator Movement is controlled by a Control Tab, Geared Tab, Anti Float Tab, Hydraulic Actuator

The unjammed tab can be driven by either control wheel with 25 Kg pressure
Long Tail trim Control System elo (controls Horizontal Stabilizer)

If the RUDDER TRAVEL UNRESTRICTED LIGHT during approach is OFF , no speeds below 135 Kt, no CWC >12 Kt.

Three spoiler panel are installed:
Inner ground spoiler
Mid. ground spoiler, flight spoiler and speed brakes
Outer ground spoiler, flight spoiler, speed brakes

Inboard spoiler, left system.
Outboard spoiler, right system
Rudder, right system

If flaps >26 degrees or speed <210 Kt or altitude <1200 ft AGL, gear not down,
the aural warning comes on
Stick Pusher is operating only if Slats are in Mid. or Extended Position
10% above stall speed Stick Shaker starts action
During stall slats extend automatically to mid position
Power loss on airspeed indicator, indication: Vmo pointer 257 kt, A/S flag im mach readout.
Stby Alt/Ias is connected to aux pitot tube and alternate static system.