MD-80 parte 7 – Schemi tecnici 12 – Ice and Rain Protection

Anti Fog:
Inside surface windshields, clear view (sliding), overhead windows.
Upper 6 C do not use windshield Heat.

Anti Ice (Pneumatic):
Forward strakes, slats, ram air scoop, engines.

Anti Ice:
Stall Warnings, windshield, pitot, anti fogging.

Pitot tubes, static ports, stall angle off attack, ram air temp probe.

Switch engine anti ice at first, there after airfoil anti ice.
Reason: If airfoil anti ice is switch at first to on, you have a TRI conflict and nomode light

Engine Anti Ice:

If engine anti ice is on, accept 10% more of fuel consumption
Engine anti ice and air foil 16%

Air foil anti ice:
Minimum Pneumatic Pressure for Wing Anti Ice = 20 Psi or 1,2 EPR
Not to use above 10 C
Wings, Strakes, Air Cond. Ram Air Scoop,
Anti ice change auto. between tail and slats, every 150 Sec

Tail De Ice 2,5 Min. Do not forget to push prior Gear down.

Tail Cone (Stabilizer, De Ice):
Systems 2
Primary Engine Bleed Air
Additional Ram Air