MD-80 parte 7 – Schemi tecnici 10 – Gear and Brakes

Gear Extend 300 KT
Gear Retr. 250 KT

During turbulence turn right hydraulic pump in high position

Steering 2 cylinder left / right hydraulic system
Nose wheel steering 82 degrees (Ground)
Rudder 17 degrees (Ground)

For T/O Max 205 C
For Prk Brake 250 C
Overheat Light Brakes > 305 (+- 10 C), off 260 C.

Anti Skid:
Self test of anti skid is completed after gear is down and locked
Anti skid / Main gear only
If anti skid is armed, braking on landing prior main gear wheel spinup is prevented by a touchdown wheel protection circuit.
Anti skid allows action >10Kt.

During Take Off the Light WHEEL NOT TURNING comes on. Abort take off at max speed V1-20
Warning Light comes on, if one wheel is slower than 20% as the fastest one.